"The easiest way to buy your neighbor's couch."

ReSell is an app that allows users to buy used furniture from local vintage shops

and artisans with affordable, on-demand delivery.


Our Story

It all started in our garage. But instead of computers, we filled ours with couches.

In late 2017 we had just arrived in Portland and needed a quick way to earn some money while we looked for permanent jobs. We started to buy and sell random, used furniture via Craigslist because of a friend's suggestion. We quickly limited our scope to just couches because there was a virtually endless demand--and the supply was high, too. However, we had a considerable advantage in bringing together this massive supply and equally massive demand: a pickup truck.

We quickly became known as "the couch guys" and turned this side hustle into our primary source of income. Most of our customers chose us over other options because we included delivery. From the empty floor of their new apartment, customers would call or text us with a few questions and then an hour later enjoy that same spot from the comfort of their new couch. They were so, so happy to not have to spend a whole day couch shopping only to be scrambling around to rent a vehicle to transport a single couch. 

Roughly two years and five hundred plus couches later, we have decided to scale this simple, yet much needed, business model into an e-marketplace where consumers can confidently shop inventory from local resellers knowing that our team handles the delivery portion.


A New Kind of E-Marketplace

We are currently working towards an MVP that will support a limited number of local vintage shops and artisans as sellers. Whether buying in-person or via the app, buyers can see estimates of delivery cost as they shop based on the distance between the seller's address and their own. Once they have committed to purchase, they can request a delivery to be fulfilled by a member of our team at a reasonable price.


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